New Little Robot


I have been doodling this little fellow a lot recently. Here are two finished sketches... And it already feels like it has a life of its own!

Still Life Exercise


Drawing from life for a change. Painted with Procreate on the iPad after a quick drawing with a "real" pencil on paper.

Procreate Sketch + Wiggle Maker


Exploring a more "volumetric looking" drawing with procreate – and then combining it with the magic of Wiggle Maker (and a little bit of Photoshop). The result is a drawing that kinda looks like a sculpture... Love it!

Parallax Effect

Another little experiment with illustration and motion. This time making use of the great parallax.js plugin: It reacts to the orientation of a smart device or mouse cursor, offsetting layers depending on their depth within a scene... Just click here or on the image above to see it in action!

See more about the “Onkel Alois” project here

Procreate Sketches


Exploring stars with the amazing Procreate app – my absolute favorite tool for bringing sketches to life!



The new redesigned website left some good images behind... This illustration is an old one but I am still very proud of it. Made just for the fun of it!

Cute for Christmas!


New website + new self promotion Christmas card = my first new blog post! 
A very happy Merry Christmas! *<:-)

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