Laser Cut Stencil


testing/having some fun with the first prototype stencil for the "dossingos" paper dolls. the idea is to let the kids make their own paper clothes out of old magazines – or just about anything one can cut out with a scissor. it makes you feel like a true fashion designer! :-P


and it's kinda addictive too...


Toy Fair in Nuremberg


this time i was making quick "ink splash drawings" for the public at the amazing toy fair in nuremberg to help promote the new book series "pauli & friends“. it was my first year there – and i am already sure it will not be the last! many thanks to the great team of discovery books for this fruitful and inspiring collaboration!


Vienna Book Fair


i was drawing for the public once again at the book fair "buch wien 17". the theme for this year was "fantastical animals" – which we then created on the spot from an ink splash chosen by the visitor... it was, as always, a lot of fun! :-)


More Coffee Time!


another personal piece on the same theme. coffee, milk and their little triplets – what a happy family!

Coffee Time


a personal piece around one of my favorite subjects: coffee time!


and one version with just the silhouettes... for that coffee in the evening too! ;-)

Catching Stars


more sketches just for fun with procreate on the ipad. "space" has been lately one of the main themes here in the studio... stay tuned!

"Pauli & Friends" by Discovery Books

the official product movie for the book series "pauli & friends" has been launched today by discovery books. i have been working a lot on the drawings and mechanics for this project lately and i couldn't be more proud of how it turned out! i hope you enjoy it as much as we do! :-)

New Little Robot


i have been doodling this little fellow a lot recently. here are two finished sketches... and it already feels like it has a life of its own!

Still Life Exercise


drawing from life for a change. painted with procreate on the ipad after a quick drawing with a "real" pencil on paper.

Procreate Sketch + Wiggle Maker


exploring a more "volumetric looking" drawing with procreate – and then combining it with the magic of wiggle maker (and a little bit of photoshop). the result is a drawing that kinda looks like a sculpture... love it!

Parallax Effect

another little experiment with illustration and motion. this time making use of the great parallax.js plugin: it reacts to the orientation of a smart device or mouse cursor, offsetting layers depending on their depth within a scene... just click here or on the image above to see it in action!